Central Missouri Optometric Society (COS)
Trustee: Kate Osborn, OD

The Central Society continues to meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month. We have gotten some quality CE in the past few months, which we typically don’t do, so it has been a nice change. We had a great retina/OCT CE from Dr. Wayne Davis who practices at Retina Associates in Columbia. Shire was sponsoring CE for Xiidra, so we combined that with our meeting in March. We may slow down a little for the summer, it varies from year to year.


Greater Ozark Optometric Society (GOOS)
Trustee: Kory Scullawl, OD

In January the Greater Ozark Optometric Society met at Catania Laredo restaurant to discuss upcoming items with the MOA. It was our first meeting after the Thanksgiving/Christmas break.

In February the GOOS hosted Nova Bay at Ocean Zen restaurant to discuss the benefits of Avenova; a prescription eyelid and eye lash hygiene product.

In March the GOOS hosted current MOA president Tom Cullinane. Dr. Cullinane discussed his areas of interest for the MOA this year and beyond. We had a great turn out for this event with around 25 ODs attending the MOA Presidential visit.


Kansas City Optometric Society (KCOS)
Trustee: : Lauren Seutter, OD

The Kansas City Society started off 2018 with re-electing officials. Here is the new 2018 executive board:

  • President: Jared Jaynes, OD
  • Vice-President: Kevin Tomasu, OD
  • Secretary / Treasurer: Lauren Hendrickson, OD
  • Past-President: Melissa Enevoldsen, OD

A social gathering was hosted in February at Boulevard Brewing company with a great turnout. For the March meeting, we had dinner and 2 hours of CE on the topic of uveitis presented by Dr. Anthony DeWilde.

Our March meeting consisted of CE on the PEDIG Amblyopia Treatment Studies by Dr. Marni Harris OD, a resident at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

I invite optometrists to attend our society meetings for a wonderful time as we continue to build the attendance at society functions!

For more information or questions regarding our society, email [email protected].


Northeast Optometric Society (NEOS)
Trustee: Kevin Harris, OD

The North East Optometric Society (NEOS) met at AJs in Macon on March 27th for the annual Presidential visit. MOA Executive Director Lee Ann Barrett, OD provided an update on the current legislative session as well as the ongoing projects at central office. MOA President Tom Cullinane, OD provided an overview of his main agenda items during his presidency and the progress he has made thus far.


Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS)
Trustee: Steven Rosenak, OD

The Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS) has updated our key person list for future communication with our legislators.

Increasing membership and continuing education lectures are planned for this Spring.

Early support for Harry Roberts (Presiding Commissioner) Buchanan County has started with our Society members. Mr. Roberts is the Republican candidate running to fill Dr. Schaaf’s Senate seat this fall.

St. Louis Optometric Society (SLOS)
Trustees: Jason Riley, OD & Steve Rosen, OD

Following the successful Holiday Party sponsored by Midland Optical in December, SLOS is back into our routine of having our regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. These are held at the Marriott West Hotel at Maryville and I-64 in west St. Louis County.

The January meeting was sponsored by Avedro and Tear Science. CE was given by Geoffrey Hill, MD on New Innovations in Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease.

Our February meeting was sponsored by Cooper Vision. Our speaker was Anthony Veratchert, OD of the Moyes Eye Center in Kansas City who spoke on Herpetic Eye Disease. Dr. Veratchert was sponsored by Katena.

The March meeting was sponsored by Legally Mine. Mr. Art McOmber gave a presentation for CE titled A Physician’s Keys to Locking Out Lawsuits which included useful information on protecting your license and increasing tax savings.

For more up to date information, including seeing information on the talks mentioned above, check out the SLOS newsletters on our web site, http://www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.

For more information about the SLOS, contact Executive Director Paula Huff
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-725-2020
Web: www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.


Southeast Optometric Society (SEOS)
Trustee: : Doug Nousaka, OD

The Southeast Optometric Society will meet on Wednesday, May 24, 2018. Our meeting will be held at the 36 Restaurant in Cape Girardeau. This will be our presidential visit from Dr. Cullinane. Other business will include a special election to select our SEOS president. Our current society president, Dr. Cassidy Obermark, is stepping down and we will need to fill her position. Here is a list of our current SEOS officers.

  • SEOS President: —
  • SEOS Vice President: Dr. Meredith McLeod
  • SEOS Treasurer/Secretary: Dr. Jennifer Howard
  • SEOS/MOA Trustee: Dr. Douglas Nosacka


Southwest Optometric Society (SWOS)
Trustee: Jeremy Fast, OD

The Southwest Society has not met yet in 2018 but is scheduled to meet with MOA President, Dr. Tom Cullinane, on Tuesday, April 17th for his MOA Presidential visit.


West Central Optometric Society (WCOS)
Trustee: Kyle Johnson, OD

The WCOS has not formally met this quarter. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet with the KCOS like in previous years for their presidential visit. However, we do continue to stay connected through periodic emails about the latest news related to the MOA and our profession.

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