Spring 2020

Central Society
Trustee: Tim Hougland, OD

The Central Society took it’s customary break during the holiday season, allowing members to attend the MOA’s annual meeting at Margaritaville and subsequently spend time with their families over Thanksgiving and Christmas. 2020 opened with a bang as President Chris DeRose paid a visit to his home society in January. Our Presidential visit included  pizza, beer, and throwing axes at the Axe House in Columbia; we are hoping this proves to be good practice as we gear up to face off against the KOA at Leadership Retreat in the summer in Kansas City. Moving forward, Central Society plans to continue monthly to bi-monthly meetings throughout the year

Greater Ozark
Trustee: Chris Boschen, OD

The Greater Ozarks Society did not meet during November or December of last year. We had our first meeting of 2020 on January 27th which was hosted by Bausch and Lomb.  For our February meeting, we will be joining with the Southwest Society to have our Presidential visit with President Chris DeRose.  This event will be hosted by Missouri Eye Institute.

Kansas City Optometric Society
Trustee: Alyssa Sherwood, OD

On June 2019 the Kansas City Optometric Society held their Legislative BBQ at Loose Park, Mo; where legislators were educated by the society members on upcoming legislation.

In July – August 2019 was a break in meetings.

In September of 2019  Bausch & Lomb sponsored a dinner on the Ultra Multi focal contact lens for Astigmatism at the Capital Grille.

On October 2019 there was a presentation of 2 hrs CE on Plaquenil and and Anti-VEGF by Dr. DeWilde, from the Kansas City VA at the Seasons 52 restaurant.

In November of 2019, ABB and Cooper sponsored a presentation on scleral contact lenses at Eddie V’s restaurant.

In December of last year we held our Annual Holiday Party sponsored by Sutherlin Labs. There was a visit from MOA president and director. We also had an Insurance plan presentation.

North Society
Trustee: Kevin Harris, OD

The North Optometric Society met on Thursday, February 6th at AJ’s restaurant in Macon, Missouri, to host MOA President Chris DeRose, OD, Executive Director Lee Ann Barrett, OD, and MOAIA representative Wes Kemp, OD. Both Dr. DeRose and Dr. Barrett provided a legislative update and discussed the importance of our key persons system in positioning us for legislative success. Dr. Kemp gave a presentation on the MOAIA DVH plan and an update on the challenge of finding an affordable health insurance product. The suite of employee benefits available through the MOAIA will provide practice owners with affordable options in an effort to increase employee morale and to decrease costly staff turnover.

St. Louis Society
Trustees: Jenna Osseck, OD & Jason Riley, OD

The St. Louis Optometric Society continues to meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Marriott West in Chesterfield, MO.

Pepose Vision Institute sponsored the July meeting.  Nancy Holekamp, M.D. presented “Management of the Vitreous.”

The August meeting was sponsored by Marco.  Paul Tesser, M.D., well known St. Louis Glaucoma Specialist, gave his “Glaucoma Update 2019.”  He covered historical to current management of glaucoma, and stressed how individualized treatment is for each and every patient.

Avedro and Saving Sight sponsored the September meeting.  Dr. Geoffrey Hill presented “Innovations in Cornea and External Disease.”  His discussion covered treatments including PKP, DSAEK, DMEK, and Corneal Cross-Linking.

The October meeting was sponsored by Alcon and Zeiss and Jonathan Schell presented “Common Corneal Conditions in Cataract Surgery Patients.”

The November meeting was unique in that we were visited by our newly appointed MOA president, Dr. Chris DeRose and Dr. Wes Kemp, Director of Provider Relations for the MOA-IA.  Chris gave an update on the state of optometry in Missouri and his objectives for the year.  Wes presented on the MOA D/V/H and Medical Plan.  The regular meeting was sponsored by MacuHealth.  James Stringham, PhD presented “Beyond Refraction: Effects of Macular Carotenoids on Visual Performance.”

Our December meeting is one of two throughout the year that strays from our normal monthly meetings at the Marriott West.  The SLOS Holiday Party in December was again hosted by Midland Optical and was held at Maggiano’s on The Boulevard in Brentwood.  Happy Holidays to all!

The New Year began with our January meeting which was sponsored by Sight Sciences.  Andrew Pazandak, M.D. presented “MIGS: Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery.”  His discussion covered the full arsenal of glaucoma treatments available today ranging from drops to full blown trabeculectomy and the newer evolving option of MIGS.

For February, Sun Ophthalmics and Optos sponsored the meeting.  Drs. Gregg Berdy and Ranjan Malhotra presented “OSD: Moving from Adequate to Expert.”  Their focus was on the full dynamic of the dry eye world and the most current treatments available for doctors and patients today.

For more information about the SLOS, contact Executive Director Paula Huff by email, [email protected], or Call or Text: 314-725-2020
Visit the SLOS online at www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.

Southwest Society
Trustee: Shelby Baugh Bruner, OD

Our upcoming Southwest Optometric Society Presidential meeting is scheduled for February 25, 2020 and is a combined meeting with the Greater Ozarks Optometric Society.

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