Spring 2016

Central Missouri Optometric Society (COS)
Trustee: Chris DeRose, OD

The Central Missouri Optometric Society continues to meet on the fourth Tuesday of most months. We have not met yet in 2016.

Our March 22nd meeting will be our annual presidential visit with Central Society’s own Dr. Jeff Gamble. We look forward to hearing Dr. Gamble’s vision for our association.


Greater Ozark Optometric Society (GOOS)
Trustee: Kory Scullawl, OD

In April, the Missouri Eye Institute hosted a continuing education event at Metropolitan Grill, in Springfield, MO and the society had our regular business meeting and the CE event on the same evening.

Our May society meeting was sponsored by Ryan Hallum, with Bausch and Lomb contact lenses.  We had several GOOS members attend the Koster for Governor Fundraiser at the MOA Leadership retreat in June. The GOOS society donated $500 and several members contributed personally. We do not plan on meeting over the summer and will pick back up in August/September.


Kansas City Optometric Society (KCOS)
Trustee: Alan Wegener, OD

No Report Available

For membership or general information regarding our society, email [email protected] or talk to any Kansas City society member!


Northeast Optometric Society (NEOS)
Trustee: Mindy Blackford, OD

The Northeast Optometric Society had several members present at the Legislative Conference in January. Our MOA Presidential visit was on March 2, 2016 in Brookfield MO. Members were able to talk with Dr. Gamble and Dr. Barrett about current MOA issues.


Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS)
Trustee: Kevin Harris, OD

The NWOS has been not met since the MOA Legislative Conference on January 10-11 in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Ryan Losh has been invited to be a part of the leadership training program at the Leadership Retreat on June 3rd-5th in Branson, MO.


St. Louis Optometric Society (SLOS)
Trustees: Jason Riley, OD & Steve Rosen, OD

The New Year started with a presentation from Dr John Galanis. Dr. Galanis gave an in-depth analysis of current glaucoma therapies. Glaukos sponsored the meeting, and the talk included information on Glaucoks’ iStent device which is installed during cataract surgery and lowers IOP by increasing aqueous outflow.

Our February meeting featured a cocktail reception sponsored by TLC and our dinner was provided by Legally Mine. After dinner, TLC gave an update of their business and Legally Mine speaker Lt. Col. Gregory Simmons discussed several topics including advantages of various business entities such as LLCs, S-Corps and Limited Partnerships, lawsuit avoidance and asset protection.

Our March meeting was sponsored by Pepose Vision Institute. Dr. Nancy Holekamp spoke on “Conquering Geographic Atrophy in AMD.” Dr. Holekamp discussed the latest research in detecting geographic atrophy as well as ongoing clinical trials in its treatment. Also at this meeting, President Erin Niehoff announced that longtime Executive Director Barbara Nahlik will be retiring at the end of the summer. A search committee was announced to search for her replacement.

SLOS meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Marriott West and features dinner and CE. For more information, contact Executive Director Barbara Nahlik, [email protected], or phone 314-725-2020.

Visit the SLOS online at www.stlouisoptometrticsociety.org.


Southeast Optometric Society (SEOS)
Trustee: Doug Nousaka, OD

The SEOS has met twice since the start of the New Year. Several members also attended the Legislative Meeting in Jefferson City.

On our January 21st meeting, members expressed concern over current legislation and the desire for a win. Some members had expressed a desire to have more legislation on our agenda other than Non-covered Services. Members also expressed desire to push for legislation which would increase scope of practice. The idea is that if we are not pushing for increased scope that we are not moving forward. However, there were no specific suggestions given. Perhaps we could again survey MOA membership to come up with an agenda.

Due to a scheduling conflict, our March meeting was moved forward to February 17th, which included our presidential visit. We had a great turnout for the meeting. SEOS reached out to ALL nonmembers in the area to invite them to this meeting, which included dinner on the SEOS, and free CE from President Jeff Gamble. Jim Hunt delivered a great presentation highlighting the values of membership, sharing handouts with attendees.

President Jeff Gamble and Executive Director LeeAnn Barrett discussed the multitude of legislation and other issues which the MOA has been fighting for during this legislative session. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Non-covered Services legislation
  • HB1923-Telehealth legislation
  • HB2029- relating to step therapy for Rx drugs
  • HB1602- relating to any conditions other than skill and competence
  • Medicaid Managed Care plans
  • Saving Sight Back to School Ad campaign
  • Membership

Their presentations were a great success. There was hope in the progress on non-covered services, and satisfaction and maybe even some surprise regarding just how many fires the MOA has burning this session. The timing of this meeting could not have been better, especially because it answered questions that were raised during the previous meeting.

For the past two years, the SEOS and the MOA had hosted a fundraiser for Speaker of the House Todd Richardson. After careful consideration, the decision was made not to host this event again this year. Instead the SEOS will hold a Legislator Appreciation Dinner this year, inviting all of the legislators in our region.

Also, following the June Leadership Retreat, Dan Meinert from X-Cel Specialty Contacts, will be conducting a Sclera lens workshop hosted by our members at Leet EyeCare in Cape Girardeau for our July meeting.


Southwest Optometric Society (SWOS)
Trustee: Jeremy Fast, OD

The Southwest Society had our Presidential visit cancelled in January due to inclement weather. We have not rescheduled that meeting. No other meetings were held this quarter.


West Central Optometric Society (WCOS)
Trustee: Kyle Johnson, OD

The WCOS has not formally met this quarter. We were considering teaming up with KCOS for their presidential visit this winter, but the scheduling did not work out this
year. We have been continuing our periodic communication through email.

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