Spring 2015

Central Missouri Optometric Society (COS)
Trustee: Chris DeRose, OD

The Central Optometric Society meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. This month was our presidential visit with Dr. Scott Burks. We met at Arris Bistro in Jefferson City and discussed our legislative agenda for this year along with other issues currently affecting our profession. We look forward to our next meeting in March.


Greater Ozark Optometric Society (GOOS)
Trustee: Kory Scullawl, OD

The Greater Ozark Optometric Society welcomed MOA president and one of our own society members, Dr. Scott Burks, at our meeting on February 17th at Ocean Zen in Springfield, Missouri. Dr. Burks talked about his vision for the MOA over the next year and answered questions. We had a great turnout despite a winter weather event that doubled some drive times for society members getting home. However, thankfully everyone arrived home after the meeting safely.

Out next GOOS meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th at Metropolitan Farmer. Brigitte Factor, a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and her colleague, Dr. Ken Sharlin (a functional neurologist) will be doing a presentation on nutrition and ocular function. They will be sharing different dietary approaches with us and how those approaches can help improve ocular health.

Please visit GreaterOzarksOptometric.org for more information about our active society!


Kansas City Optometric Society (KCOS)
Trustee: Alan Wegener, OD

Our December holiday meeting took place at Cooper’s Hawk restaurant, sponsored by Sutherlin Optical. We took the opportunity to socialize and hold elections for 2015 officers. Our 2015 officers are: Dr. Christine Mitts, President; Dr. Remi Gramlich, Vice-president; and Dr. Melissa Enevoldsen, Secretary/Treasurer. We thank former president, Dr. Jeff Harter for his years of service!

For our March meeting, Ray Brill, O.D., presented “Dry Eye Exposed; Confessions of a Kansas Optometrist,” at O’Neill’s Restaurant and Bar in Leawood, KS. For April, we are looking forward to the MOA presidential visit to our society!

For more information or if you have questions regarding our society, email [email protected] or talk to any Kansas City society member!


Northeast Optometric Society (NEOS)
Trustee: Mindy Blackford, OD

No Report Available


Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS)
Trustee: Doug Nosacka, OD

The Northwest Optometric Society has been not met since the MOA Legislative Conference on January 11-12 in Jefferson City, Missouri. Members of the society may join the Kansas City Society meeting for the MOA presidential visit on Monday April 6, 2015.

If there are any questions, please email Doug Nosacka at [email protected].


St. Louis Optometric Society (SLOS)
Trustees: Jason Riley, OD & Steve Rosen, OD

The St. Louis Optometric Society continues to meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Marriott West in Chesterfield, MO.

The first event for the SLOS in 2015 was actually in Jefferson City attending the Legislative Conference on Sunday and Monday, January 11-12. Present on Sunday for the Board Meeting from the SLOS were Board Secretary Dr. Tom Cullinane, SLOS Trustees Dr. Jason Riley and Dr. Steven Rosen, UMSL Faculty Liaison Dr. Mary Beth Rhomberg, and AOSA representatives Elizabeth Phillips and Eric Ricker. Dr. Larry Davis also made a presentation to the board. There were many other doctors and students present for committee meetings on Sunday, and on Monday at the Capitol for the CE and Cinnamon Roll Delivery to their respective Legislators.

The January 13 SLOS meeting was sponsored by ZeaVision and the CE was “Diabetes: What’s New and What’s Still True” presented by Dr. Jeffry Gerson from Kansas City.

The February 10 meeting was sponsored by Allergan and U.S. Bank. Sara Rosemergy, Practice Finance Specialist with U. S. Bank, presented “Capital Equipment and Practice Financing” and discussed customized practice financing programs available. Greg Raeman from Allergan discussed practice management with “Patient Review: Good or Bad for Business?”

The SLOS Executive Board met on February 17 and discussed current issues and made plans for the coming year. The Awards and Installation Banquet will be held June 9 at Forest Hills Country Club and St. Louis sports media celebrity Frank Cusumano will be the guest speaker for the evening.

On February 18, the Health and Mental Health Committee held a hearing for House Bill 202, a.k.a. the Non-Covered Services Bill at the Capitol in Jefferson City. Testifying before the committee in support of the bill were Dr. Doug Herriott from the KCOS and Dr. Jason Riley from the SLOS.

The March 11 meeting will be sponsored by SynergEyes and Dr. Erin C. Sullivan will present the CE: “Keratoconus, Astigmatism and Presbyopia, Oh My! Wading Through Contact Lens Options for Complex Cases.”

Visit the SLOS online at www.stlouisoptometrticsociety.org.


Southeast Optometric Society (SEOS)
Trustee: Dan Obermark, OD

There were 20 doctors (or more than half the Southeast Society membership!) who attended our January society meeting hosted by TearLab. Our next meeting is March 18th when MOA President Dr. Scott Burks and Executive Director Dr. LeeAnn Barrett will join us at the Hickory Log restaurant for our MOA Presidential meeting.

I urge the MOA membership to continue the excitement to pass HB202. The goal of this bill is to stop big vision plans from wrongfully oppressing our businesses by dictating fees for services for which they pay nothing. Last week we passed the first hurdle coming out of committee 9-0. Please get involved! If you haven’t already done so, call me to schedule a personal day at the Capitol to talk to your Senator and Representative so that they know how important this issue is to you.


Southwest Optometric Society (SWOS)
Trustee: Justin Stilley, OD

The Southwest Optometric Society met on Tuesday, February 3rd, at Mythos restaurant in Joplin. MOA Executive Director, Leeann Barrett, and President, Scott Burks, were our guests for the MOA Presidential visit. Drs. Burks and Barrett presented information regarding optometry legislation, membership, and the future path of the MOA.


West Central Optometric Society (WCOS)
Trustee: Kyle Johnson, OD

The West Central Optometric Society has not formally met this quarter. We continue to stay in touch on the latest MOA news through e-mails.

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