New Members

See which Missouri optometrists, paraoptometrics, and optometric students recently joined the MOA.

We ask you to take every possible opportunity to encourage optometrists in your area who are not currently members of the MOA to join this important organization. To those of you who have reached out and brought a new member to the MOA membership roster–THANK YOU!

Please encourage the paraoptmetrics in your practice to join the MOA Paraoptometric Section. The MOA para section is a great way to meet other paraoptometrics, grow professionally, and gain continuing education credits toward certification. Join the MOA’s Paraoptometric Section today!

We are pleased to welcome the following new MOA members.

  • Kristine Anderson
  • Shelby Baugh-Bruner
  • Beth Bazin
  • Robert Brusatti
  • John Cottle
  • Ashley Deese
  • Erin Genua
  • Molly Gorder
  • Matthew Hansen
  • Joseph Hegyi
  • Yousef Ibrahim
  • Mark Kahrhoff
  • Cailyn Katsev
  • Aubrey Koehler
  • Thomas Lambert
  • Jeffrey Lant
  • Katie Loock
  • Alex McClure
  • Meredith McLeod
  • Amanda Nicklas
  • Jessica Olendorff
  • Theresa Oliver
  • Morgan Poore
  • Coral Pucci
  • Jill Radkowiec
  • Michael Roberts
  • Kara Rowden
  • Amy Schaag
  • Laren Seutter
  • Alyssa Sherwood
  • Tim Sieve
  • Victoria Soriano
  • Patrick Stark
  • Summer Williamson
  • Matthew Wickham
  • Nicholas Zahn

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