Four Ways to Write a Better Career Center Post

If you’re looking to hire an associate optometrist, or even a partner in your practice, you’ve likely considered posting an ad through an industry resource like the AOA’s Optometry’s Career Center. But, how can you be sure that your posting stands out from the rest and attracts the caliber of talent that you seek? These four tips will ensure that your opportunity is a top choice for the most qualified candidates:

  1. Be specific in your headline – Instead of a generic headline like, “Seeking Associate Optometrist,” write something specific like, “Seeking Associate Optometrist with Focus on Pediatrics, Full Benefits.”
  2. Describe the role in detail within the post – Be sure to explain the culture of your practice, what your patient base is like, and the equipment utilized in your practice. It’s important that an applicant has a clear view of what life will be like working for and with you.
  3. Clearly list all benefits, both expected and unexpected – All applicants will want to know what is offered in the way of retirement plans, health insurance, and paid time off. But, don’t forget to include any unique benefits that you may offer. For example, does your practice pay for staff MOA and AOA membership dues, or attendance to any CE events or conferences throughout the year?
  4. Sell the greater community as well as your practice –What makes your community a great place to live? If an applicant is considering relocating to take your position, what sort of local amenities can they enjoy in their free time?

Writing a winning career post is an important step to finding your dream hire, but equally important is deciding where to post it. Optometry’s Career Center is the official career center of the AOA and uniquely caters to the optometric industry. MOA members can save up to 50% on their postings, which comes with free access to a resume database. Opportunities begin here – maximize your search nationwide and get started today.

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