Central Missouri Optometric Society (COS)
Trustee: Chris DeRose, OD

The Central Society had our last meeting on September 27th with US Bank when we discussed the basics of practice and equipment financing. Our next meeting is on November 22, 2016 and sponsored by CooperVision. After that meeting we will take a holiday break until next year. The Central Optometric Society wishes everyone a special holiday season during this special time of the year.


Greater Ozark Optometric Society (GOOS)
Trustee: Kory Scullawl, OD

No Report Available


Kansas City Optometric Society (KCOS)
Trustee: Alan Wegener, OD

No Report Available


Northeast Optometric Society (NEOS)
Trustee: Kevin Harris, OD

The North East Society met on Thursday, November 10th at the Apple Basket in Macon, MO for a dinner hosted by Shire Pharmaceutical representative Mike Morgus. Gregg Berdy, MD of Ophthalmology Associates in St. Louis discussed the specifics of Xiidra, his clinical experience thus far, and shared additional clinical pearls regarding the treatment and management of dry eye. Upcoming events include the MOA Legislative Conference on January 23rd and our Presidential society visit on March 9th at AJs in Macon, MO at 6 PM.


Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS)
Trustee: Steven Rosenak, OD

The Northwest Optometric Society is active and ready to participate in the larger Missouri Optometric Association.

Dr. Steven Rosenak of St. Joseph, MO. was sworn in as our new trustee at the MOA Fall Conference in Branson, Missouri. Dr. Rosenak has served in the past as trustee and president of the Northwest Optometric Society. Dr. Rosenak is currently updating the key person list and reaching out to non-AOA/MOA members in our society. He looks forward to bringing together all optometrists in Northwest Missouri. Some of the goals of the new trustee is increasing membership and holding continuing education classes for the society members.


St. Louis Optometric Society (SLOS)
Trustees: Jason Riley, OD & Steve Rosen, OD

The St. Louis Optometric Society continues to meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Marriott West in Chesterfield, MO.

The July meeting was sponsored by Zeiss and the CE was “Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Imaging in Motion” presented by Carolyn Majacher, O.D.

For August, BioDOptix sponsored the meeting. Dr. Raymond Brill presented “The Use of Amniotic Membranes from Womb to Your Office.”

Marco sponsored the CE meeting in September. Kevin Henne, O.D. presented “Revitalizing the Established Practice Through Technology .”

George Mera, BS,NCLE-AC presented “Designing and Fitting Today’s Scleral GP Contact Lenses.” The meeting was sponsored by TruForm Optics. The MOA Annual Convention was also in October in Branson and the convention was a great success. One of our very own also moved up the MOA ladder as Dr. Tom Cullinane was installed as MOA President-Elect. Congratulations Tom! Also, Dr. Steve Rosen received his Years of Service Award for 40 years of Optometric care. Congratulations Steve!

The November meeting was also unique in that we were visited by our newly appointed MOA president and Executive Director. MOA president Dr. Jason Lake gave an update on the state of optometry in Missouri and his objectives for the year. He also introduced Gabby the Gavel (#gabbythegavel). Gabby the Gavel has been the gavel MOA presidents have used since 1901. MOA Executive Director Dr. LeeAnn Barrett also gave members an update on our profession in Missouri. Susan M. Culican, MD, PhD presented the CE for the evening and her presentation was “Yours, Mine and Ours: What to keep, What to refer and What to co-manage.”

Our December meeting is one of two throughout the year that strays from our normal monthly meetings at the Marriott West. The SLOS Holiday Party in December will be hosted by Midland Optical. Happy Holidays to all!

For more information, contact Executive Director Paula Huff by email, [email protected], or Call or Text: 314-725-2020
Visit the SLOS online at www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.


Southeast Optometric Society (SEOS)
Trustee: Doug Nousaka, OD

The SEOS met on July 20th, 2016. It was hosted by Dan Meinert of X-Cel Contacts and Dr Ryne Wood of Leet EyeCare. The scleral lens workshop was well-received by our members. Special thanks to ALL of the doctors at LEET EyeCare for their hospitality.

The SEOS/MOA hosted a Fundraiser for Speaker Todd Richardson on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Fundraiser was a success. The SEOS/MOA raised $21,175.00 for Speaker Richardson. Special Thanks to:

  • MOA- Dr. LeeAnn Barrett, MOA Executive Director, and MOA President Jeff Gamble for attendance and MOA PAC check for $10,000. This accounts for nearly half of the total amount raised- thank you.
  • Hahn O’Daniel- Jay Hahn has established a great relationship between the MOA and the Speaker and his staff. Maintenance of this relationship was the purpose of this event. Jay attended with a sizeable donation of $5000.00, about 25% of the total raised. Thanks, Jay.
  • Thanks to ALL MOA and SEOS members who supported the event with a financial donation, and to all of those who attended, especially those non-SEOS members who had quite a distance to drive.

The SEOS met Tuesday, October 18, 2016 in Cape Girardeau. The meeting was hosted by Shire Pharmaceutical. 2016-2017 Officers were elected and are as follows:

  • Cassidy Obermark, President
  • Kayce Strohmeyer, Vice President
  • Jennifer Howard, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Doug Nosacka, Trustee
  • Cassidy Obermark, Immediate Past President
  • The SEOS will have 1 more meeting this year. Dr. Jennifer Howard organizes these meetings and her relationships with our local reps have come through for us once again. Dr. Howard was able to use her Jedi mind tricks to have our last 2 meetings this year sponsored, both at Cape Girardeau’s ’36 Retaurant and Bar.’ The last SEOS meeting this year is Wednesday November 16, 2016 hosted by Alcon’s Amy Evans and Mallory Doughan.


    Southwest Optometric Society (SWOS)
    Trustee: Jeremy Fast, OD

    The Southwest Society met on August 2nd at Mytho’s in Joplin for our Presidential visit with Dr. Jeff Gamble. We enjoyed hearing the details about optometry’s success this past legislative session and how it might affect our profession in the future.

    Several of our members, along with several paras, attended the annual convention in Branson in October.

    We are currently updating our keyperson’s list and preparing for the upcoming legislative conference that will be held in January of 2017 in Jefferson City, Missouri.
    For membership or other information regarding our society, you may email [email protected] or talk to any southwest society member.


    West Central Optometric Society (WCOS)
    Trustee: Kyle Johnson, OD

    The West Central Optometric Society coupled with the Kansas City Optometric Society on November 7, 2016 for the annual MOA Presidential visit. The event took place at Top Golf in Overland Park, Kansas and was informative for those in attendance. Dr. Lake reviewed the previous year’s successes as wells as upcoming challenges in 2017. In addition to being informative, it was a good opportunity to socialize with our fellow members. The West Central Optometric Society continues to communicate via email on latest MOA updates and announcements.

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