Fall 2018

Central Missouri Optometric Society (COS)
Trustee: Kate Osborn, OD

The Central Society continues to meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month, although it is a bit more sporadic in the summer months with hectic summer schedules. Our president has been working hard to get us exposed to new sponsors and new meeting places, so it has been a refreshing change. We look forward to more regular meetings in the fall.


Greater Ozark Optometric Society (GOOS)
Trustee: Kory Scullawl, OD

GOOS has not met since May.


Kansas City Optometric Society (KCOS)
Trustee: : Lauren Seutter, OD

No Report Available

For more information or questions regarding our society, email [email protected].


Northeast Optometric Society (NEOS)
Trustee: Kevin Harris, OD

The Northeast Society (NEOS) has not met since our presidential visit in March, but we are planning a fall meeting sponsored by an industry alliance member.


Northwest Optometric Society (NWOS)
Trustee: Steven Rosenak, OD

No Report Available

St. Louis Optometric Society (SLOS)
Trustees: Jason Riley, OD & Steve Rosen, OD

No Report Available

For more up to date information, including seeing information on the talks mentioned above, check out the SLOS newsletters on our web site, http://www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.

For more information about the SLOS, contact Executive Director Paula Huff
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-725-2020
Web: www.stlouisoptometricsociety.org.


Southeast Optometric Society (SEOS)
Trustee: : Doug Nousaka, OD

The SEOS met in May on 05/16/18. We met in Cape Girardeau, MO at the 36 Restaurant and were joined by MOA President, Dr. Tom Cullinane and Executive Director, Dr. LeeAnn Barrett.
The MOA board representatives gave an update on MOA current affairs.
SEOS Officers for 2018-2019 were selected and are as follows:

  • SEOS President: Dr. Kylie Divine
  • SEOS Vice President: Dr. Meredith McLeod
  • SEOS Treasurer/Secretary: Dr. Jennifer Howard
  • SEOS/MOA Trustee: Dr. Douglas Nosacka


Southwest Optometric Society (SWOS)
Trustee: Jeremy Fast, OD

The Southwest Society has not met yet in 2018 but is scheduled to meet with MOA President, Dr. Tom Cullinane, on Tuesday, April 17th for his MOA Presidential visit.


West Central Optometric Society (WCOS)
Trustee: Kyle Johnson, OD

The WCOS has not formally met this quarter. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet with the KCOS like in previous years for their presidential visit. However, we do continue to stay connected through periodic emails about the latest news related to the MOA and our profession.

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