New Members: November 2010

See which Missouri optometrists and paraoptometrics recently joined the MOA.

We ask you to take every possible opportunity to encourage optometrists in your area who are not currently members of the MOA to join this important organization. To those of you who have reached out and brought a new member to the MOA membership roster–THANK YOU!

We are pleased to welcome the following new MOA members:

  • Barbara E. Balabas (SLOS)
  • Bret A. Bodenhamer (COS)
  • Ryan J. Broyles (KCOS)
  • Patricia V. Gelner (SLOS)
  • Kevin M. Harris (KCOS)
  • Jeffrey A. Harter (KCOS)
  • Ryan C. Hill (COS)
  • Donald P. Miller (KCOS)
  • Jeffrey Pikul, (SLOS)
  • Jennifer A. Redfern (SLOS)
  • Rachel R. Tischinski (KCOS)

The MOA Paraoptometric Section urges all paraoptometrics to become part of this important professional organization. Join the MOA’s Paraoptometric Section today!

We are pleased to welcome the following new MOA paraoptometric section members:

  • Rita K. Bartolomeo (SLOS)
  • Jessica M. Bostic (SLOS)
  • Kristin R. Britton (SLOS)
  • Patricia A. Cooper (SLOS)
  • Andrea R. Decker (SLOS)
  • Lynda M. Dixon (SLOS)
  • Marjorie L. Dixon (SLOS)
  • Kenneth W. Green (SLOS)
  • Sherry Lewis (GOOS)
  • Alison Ucello (SLOS)
  • Amy R. Webb (SLOS)